I got my first package of bees – Minnesota Hygienics –  on April 21, 2015, and I call myself a glorified cheerleader for my hive. Unlike many other new beekeepers that I have met, I did not spend the months before they arrived reading about bees or beekeeping. I got some essential beekeeping information from a few seasoned beekeepers, and I have let my hive teach me the rest! I have much, much to learn…

As I learn, I plan to post my experiences here, and I invite you to learn along with me. If you’re a seasoned beekeeper and have some advice or suggestions, I welcome your comments as well! They’re much needed!

So far, I have been to the North Central Beekeeper’s Association meeting, and I am planning to go to the White Lick Beekeepers Association meeting within a month or so.

This coming Saturday, I’m hoping to go to Moores Hill, Indiana where the Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association is hosting Mel Disselkoen, who will be demonstrating On-the-Spot-Queen-Rearing and natural miticide techniques. If you’re interested, you should plan to be there!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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My hive: Day 1